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We provide friendship for our patients as we see it as being vitally important when improving their lives, especially when they live alone in their own homes. By providing elderly people with companionship they are given mental stimulation and entertainment preventing feelings of isolation and loneliness.


The older people get the easier it is for them to get feelings of loneliness and isolation; with the possibility of immobility through illness or just due to aging, the option of going out may be limited and their spouse or friends may pass away, meaning they get less social interaction, this can cause depression and feelings of frustration with them realising they can’t do things which they could before.


We believe that these services are crucial, because they can help slow or prevent diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, by giving them something they can look forward to and creating mental stimulation. We don’t see companionship as a service but more like something that comes naturally with our work, making their experience better as well as ours staffs.



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