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At Holistic Health Services we use state of the art electronic systems to ensure our staff have access at all times to the most up to date information regarding our clients and most importantly there staff rota. We electronically complete our rotas which is easily accessed at all times by our staff on their mobile phone , ensuring that changes to calls and times is as up to date as possible at all times. We also electronically provide our staff with 24hr information about our clients from routines to general information that can also be accessed at any time anywhere from their mobile phone , ensuring that they have the most current information available to enable them to deliver the high standard of care that we pride ourselves on at all times. Field Care Supervisors also have access to enable them to update and change this information whilst out on the field ,ensuring all information is current, accurate and valid at any time.

By having this secure network of information we are also ensuring all data is protected and no need for paper copies of client details or contact information for example keysafe codes being left in staff cars, or being lost in transit. Our system is password encrypted allowing access to our designated staff only, and passwords are changed regularly to ensure added security. We also recommend that clients with Keycodes change their code on a regular basis to ensure security at all times.


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