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Hospital To Home

We understand that after a person has been in hospital or a Care Home that they look forward to returning to their own home, however we also understand that going back home and knowing that they may not be as able as they were before being admitted can be daunting and life may not be the same again. A person may feel like they have lost all dignity and independence in how they live their life.If the right support network is not in place from day one and these symptoms are not recognised it can lead to a rapid deterioration in a persons health and wellbeing on returning home.. With the possibility of different health requirements and needs, the idea of being at home may not seem like the most ideal option. We aim to ensure that the transition from hospital back to home is as stress free as possible, we can arrange anything that is required in order to ensure a smooth transition. We liase closely with Social Workers , District Nurses, Occupational Therapists and any Medical Professional to ensure that the right equipment and care is in place from day one.

With our flexible Respite Care we acknowledge that until the person is home it is difficult to anticipate what type of care they will need in respect to their ability to cope back home . Flexible Respite care enables us to initially put in to place the maximum amount of care we feel a person will initially need, we then work with all involved to assess and establish a more tailored care package to meet the current needs of the person, this is re-evaluated on a weekly basis and the package of care increased or decreased where needed. Call times can be changed if not suiting the individual or made longer or shorter. The individual may need short term over night care or 24hr care on their initial discharge home. Our aim when providing respite care is to provide the person with a package that is allowing them to rehabilitate and gain their independence back, and the end goal be that minimal or no care is required.


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