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Personal Budgets

Unfortunately In a time where the NHS are on crisis point with bed blocking and a shortage of good quality care homes due to closure of so many , we find that due to these pressures our loved ones and family are being discharged or care packages put into place at short notice to free up hospital beds. When this is the case you as the client are forced into receiving a provider whom you have not have met or had any choice in. Hopefully when this occurs things work out well but on occasion we find clients in receipt of care by a provider that is not suited to them and they are living their life around their current provider in relation to call times and routines. Reason for this……. Is not necessarily that the provider assigned to you is bad but that due to pressures form Social Services as the local provider they are obligated to take all care packages on regardless and this can lead to added pressure and poor care due to time restrictions.

Direct Payments enables you to choose your provider regardless of whether you client contribute towards your care or are fully funded. If you find yourself being discharged from hospital or in a situation where you no longer can manage at home unaided and a Social worker has been brought in to assist you ask them about Direct Payments.

At Holistic Health Care Services not only do we accept Direct Payment clients but we are also an impartial Direct Payment advisor where we can assist you and advise you further with regards to how direct payments work, help you to build a plan of care that suits your needs and advise the best option for this whether you use a CQC Registered Provider or decide to look to employing private care. We can advise on how to pay private carers yourself or through direct payments and what information and contracts you would need to have in place.

Should you decide to employ the services of a CQC Regulated Provider we can set this up for you and if we were unable to tailor your care package to your individual needs and requests then we will assist you in finding a suitable provider who can.

Again this is a free no obligation service that we provide at Holistic Health Care Services


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