Learning disabilities

We aim to help people with learning disabilities live the life they want to live, through support and encouragement we try to help create social networks and help achieve personal goals, being anything from getting a job to learning to do certain activities. We appreciate the different types of barriers that those with learning disabilities can be faced with and then when they come across such barriers they may need more support in order to complete that goal. We try to ensure that individuals can have control and choice in their life, we also provide practical help like training and support in managing everyday home issues like gardening and house work, and aim to help create healthy living. We work with individuals so that we can discover their strengths and preferences to make sure they get the most out of our services. By creating targets we create something for them to strive towards and once they reach their target, a feeling of pride and success.

Autism and Asperger's

We aim to provide those with autism and Asperger’s and those around them with the support they need. Anything from residential care to short stay breaks and home care, we provide the best support and options available for your circumstances. We offer home support for those who wish to remain in their own home, and tailor our support packages to cater for the needs of the individual, we help with everyday tasks such as shopping and cooking and we can provide all the care in which those with autism or Asperger’s require in order to live as independently as possible.

Mental health

We appreciate that those suffering with poor mental health cans sometimes find it difficult to keep stability in their lives and maintain their home, we provide day-to-day care to support them and hopefully help them towards recovery, this can range from anything such as coping with symptoms of their condition to just feeling happy. We encourage people to use their strengths which can help lead to positive changes which can help give them control in their lives; as their needs or symptoms change the care that we provide changes too, ensuring they always receive the care they need to the standard they deserve

Special care needs

We are also specialists in helping people with *Peristeen irrigation *Bowel care *Peg feeding *Catheter care